The No.1 Engagement Party Venue in Toronto


Getting engaged is still the most important life cycle event and rite of passage before your actual wedding and/or the birth of your first child. This is why, when you have accepted a proposal or been accepted as your loved one’s fiance, the next step is to make your engagement official through a pre-wedding engagement party.


Of course, it can be difficult to find wedding reception and engagement party venues in Toronto which are suitable for your specific party size. A venue such as a private function hall or hotel might simply be too big for the number of people you plan to invite to your engagement party or wedding reception. In like regard, bars and more intimate types of event venue will often be too small to accommodate all your friends and family members.


The Amalfi Coast Ristorante: The Perfect GTA Party Venue


Seating up to 124 patrons at a time, the Amalfi Coast in Thornhill is the perfect event venue for the most common engagement and wedding party sizes. Even better, unlike when you book many other types of event venue, we can take care of all your catering concerns. This is due to the fact that the Amalfi Coast Ristorante is already the leading place in the GTA for truly authentic Italian cuisine.


Defined by our mouthwatering Italian cuisine and dessert selection, the Amalfi Coast Ristorante is also a distinctly modern and stylish event venue. This is why we are especially popular among regular business clients and event organizers. Even better, while our dining area is already pre-decorated, all our wedding reception and engagement party clients are free to add their own wedding theme and individual decorative touches.


Your Engagement Party Your Way


As far as we are concerned, your engagement party or wedding reception should be all about you. This is why our serving staff and attendants will be professional and yet inconspicuous at all times. At the same time, we will provide second to none catering which directly reflects you and your loved one’s precise tastes and culinary desires. Even better, the ample size of our party venue will allow your guests to dance, mingle and enjoy every moment of your celebration.


Are you looking for a stylish event venue in Toronto which can cater for every one of your upcoming wedding reception or engagement party requirements? If so, make sure to call or contact us today in order to guarantee our availability and to discuss your specific party requirements in more detail.