Toronto’s Leading Small Corporate Events Venue



Corporate and business events are an essential part of rewarding employees, building better relationships with clients, and acquiring new business leads. The only problem, of course, is that hiring a dedicated corporate event venue in Toronto can be inordinately expensive. In fact, this is especially true when it comes to entertaining and catering for large numbers of people.


Thankfully, at the Amalfi coast Ristorante, we provide local businesses in Toronto with the perfect alternative. Seating up to 127 people at a time, we are proud to be able to make our restaurant itself available for exclusive private booking and a whole host of corporate and private events.



The Perfect Team Building & Networking Event Venue in Toronto



Conferences and corporate events are almost always about team building and networking. The only problem is that in larger event venues, it can be difficult to strike up and build a rapport with other attendees who almost always have someplace else to be. Thankfully, the smaller, more intimate setting of the Amalfi Coast, makes our own Toronto event venue perfect for both team building and striking up a better rapport with other conference attendees.


Of course, at any business conference, catering and atmosphere are essential for striking the right mood and making an event as memorable as possible. Thankfully then, our authentic Italian cuisine is guaranteed to impress any audience. Meanwhile, our well-stocked bar and extensive fine wine selection will help attendees relax and enjoy your conference experience after your speaking or training schedule has been brought to a close.


Inquire Today in Order to Avoid Disappointment


Because the Amalfi Coast is fast becoming the best small conference and event venue in Toronto, it is important to book early in order to avoid disappointment. This being the case, make sure to call or contact us today in order to discuss your personal event plans in more detail. We will then get started arranging table and menu plans, as well as attending to any special requests you might have.


Of course, for certain types of training and network events, you might feel unsure in regard to whether a restaurant setting might be the best option. Thankfully, however, if this is the case, we would simply encourage you to visit prior to booking in order to be given a guided tour of our establishment and facilities.