Business Lunch Hosting in Toronto


If you are hosting a business lunch in Toronto, you will already know how imperative it is to choose a prestigious event venue with impeccable food and service.


Thankfully, at the Amalfi Coast Ristorante in Toronto, we are already the first choice for hundreds of local professionals looking to entertain business partners and clients over lunch and dinner. This is because we provide an exceptional authentic Italian menu, coupled with a distinctly atmospheric fine dining experience.


Your Toronto Business Lunch your Way


Because we provide both semi-private and communal seating for up to 127 patrons at a time, the Amalfi Coast can easily accommodate both small and larger groups. This makes us the business lunch restaurant in Toronto for everyone from lawyers to real estate professionals and professional business people.


Of course, any business lunch is just as much about privacy as it is about showing off. This is why our discerning serving staff are always attentive and yet inconspicuous at the same time. Even better, if you are entertaining visiting clients or business associates, we can help you pre-book specific table areas, as well as arrange payment in advance in order to avoid unnecessary confusion after your next lunch event.


A Truly Exceptional Toronto Dining Experience


The key to a successful business lunch in Toronto or anywhere is to impress your guests and clients to the fullest extent possible. Thankfully, because we use only the freshest ingredients and offer the broadest Italian menu in Toronto, the Amalfi Coast Ristorante is already the place to be for a wide variety of local business people.


Of course, the purpose of any business lunch or dinner varies from client to client. However, at the Amalfi Coast, we consider it our professional privilege to help you make the best impression possible on your partners, associates, and clients. This being the case, make sure to reach out to us today in order to discuss your next business lunch requirements in a little more detail.