Brunch at the Amalfi Coast in Toronto


With people having ever more hectic work and life schedules, it can be difficult to organize breakfast and lunch dates with friends, family members, and business clients. Thankfully, however, brunch at the Amalfi Coast restaurant in Toronto makes it easy for people to meet for delicious food and drinks outside of more conventional breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.


The No.1 Brunch Restaurant in Toronto


Served from mid morning through to the early afternoon, the Amalfi Coast restaurant brunch menu allows you to sample an array of authentic Italian delicacies in a smart casual environment, perfect for last minute engagements with friends or work colleagues.


Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a champagne brunch, or are simply looking for the perfect restaurant in Toronto to relax and unwind with friends between conventional breakfast and lunch times, we can help. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, our chef and serving staff make available a wide variety of mouthwatering brunch dishes which see many of our patrons coming back time after time to sample.


The Ultimate Casual & Semi Formal Dining Experience


Often considered less formal than conventional lunch or dinner, brunch is the perfect way to relax and unwind with friends and work colleagues. This is why our brunch service often sees everyone from family groups to professionals entertaining business partners and clients, use our restaurant to chat both formally and informally over our delectable brunch menu.


Of course, if you are looking for the perfect restaurant in Toronto to host a specifically business brunch, you will be pleased to learn that we offer a variety of semi-private seating areas designed to help you discuss business in private, while still enjoying our standard fine dining experience to the fullest.


Many People’s Favorite meal Time


Whether you rarely have time for a substantial breakfast or are looking for the perfect restaurant in Toronto to start making your regular working brunch venue, we can help. The modern and stylish interior of the Amalfi Coast Ristorante, makes our restaurant the perfect brunch venue in Toronto for both professional business people and those simply taking time out to visit and explore Toronto itself. This being the case, if you would like to sample our mouthwatering brunch menu, make sure to call or contact us today to guarantee our availability.