Planning the Perfect Bridal and Wedding Shower in the Greater Toronto Area?


A wedding or bridal shower isn’t just about sharing your excitement about your upcoming nuptials with friends and relatives. A wedding shower is like a pre-wedding party where a bride to be can be treated to the personal well wishes of friends and family, while also marking the start of her engagement in as memorable a way as possible.


Amalfi Coast Ristorante and your Perfect Wedding Shower


Seating up to 124, the Amalfi Coast Ristorante is the perfect venue in the Greater Toronto Area for almost any size wedding shower. Whatever the size of the crowd you plan to celebrate with, up to our capacity and whatever their personal tastes or interests, we provide an exceptional fine dining experience coupled with second to none atmosphere, right here in the heart of the GTA.


Your Toronto Wedding Shower Your Way


Set in the heart of the GTA, the Amalfi Coast Ristorante prides itself on being able to serve much more authentic Italian cuisine than any other Italian restaurant. We can, therefore, make your bridal shower as memorable as possible, by serving only the freshest and finest ingredients, in an array of truly mouthwatering dishes and desserts.


Of course, the perfect bridal shower venue isn’t just about mouthwatering culinary delights. We also know that every bride and groom will have a different wedding theme which they might want to carry over into their wedding shower. This is why, on request, we can arrange for you to decorate our event venue itself with your own table decorations and wedding shower centerpieces.


The Perfect way to Plan the Start of your Wedding Celebrations


While a wedding shower is obviously a distinctly personal event, we know that it is often difficult to organize the venue, hire the staff and cater to large numbers of people. This is why at the Amalfi Coast Ristorante we take the stress away from your wedding planning endeavors from day one.


You simply tell us how many people you need to cater for and we provide the event venue and catering services which you need to rely upon to make your wedding shower as memorable and as hassle free as possible. In fact, we can even cater for specific seating arrangement requests and a host of different special dietary requirements.


At the Amalfi Coast Ristorante, our prerogative is simple: In every case, we feel privileged to be part of your wedding planning and events calendar and will, therefore, strive to provide the most memorable wedding shower possible. This being the case be sure to reach out to us today in order to check our availability.